Food parcels for 175 families in San Andres Itzapa

We would like to send 175 families a basic food parcel to help them survive COVID-19

This fundraiser is to collect funds to pay for 175 much needed basic food bags for a community of San Andres Itzapa.

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Food parcels for 175 families in San Andres Itzapa

I’ve been supporting the project AMUPAV for 15 years but, as with many areas of the world, their daily struggles have worsened from COVID. I started this fundraiser last year but fell upon difficult times and got distracted by my own struggles. However, in speaking to the community leader this week, I’ve discovered, just as I struggled more during COVID, so have they. Children are dying from malnutrition and their parents are having to watch them die without being able to help them. We must send emergency food packages to the community. Each emergency food parcel will cost GBP15 or $20 and will feed a family for three months. Please give if you can and what you can to support this community. Thank you. A food package will include:
  • 3lbs of dry beans
  • 3lbs of rice
  • 3lbs of maseca (to make tortillas)
  • 2lbs of oatmeal (to make a hot, nutritious drink called Atol
  • 4lbs of Corazon de Trigo
  • Three cartons of milk
  • 30 eggs
  • Oil
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Noodles
  • Nutri-Listo (a fortified peanut butter for malnourished children)