Humanized childbirth in Guatemala

In Guatemala we need a safe space for women where humanized care is provided.

Contribute to the opening of a midwifery center, which will provide care focused on women's needs.

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Humanized childbirth in Guatemala

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* July 31 to September 13 *


The goal of this fundraising effort is the opening of a Midwifery House in Guatemala that specializes in providing care for women's sexual and reproductive health from the Midwifery Model. This care includes prenatal, childbirth and postpartum care, as well as gynecology care. All this with a comprehensive and holistic approach.

Midwifery focuses on physiological processes and frequent and less risky pathologies. Midwifery care is considered first tier health care in the majority of countries. Its functions include looking after the woman’s physical, emotional, spiritual, mental and social wellbeing. The Model's philosophy focuses on each woman as a complex individual and the emphasis is on respect for her autonomy and making her own decisions. A Midwifery House is a safe and loving space for all women.

In addition to the care provided by the midwives, the Midwifery House provides a community where women and families can access comprehensive health services, support groups, breastfeeding education, and other services. There is also continuing education for professionals in health issues, humanization, self-care, and the promotion of women's networks.

Your support will help more women and families in Guatemala to have access to warm, informed, safe and respectful care. Here, women are the main protagonists of their processes, contributing to efforts to eliminate obstetric and gynecological violence, and to reduce unnecessary interventions and overmedication.

What are the funds for?

The funds raised will finance purchases of everything needed to open and operate the Midwifery House: Supplies, equipment, clinical material, opening expenses, etc. Intuición Materna will launch and be operational in the second half of 2021.

Who are we? Intuición Materna, is a professional team that works to create spaces for humanized care, personal and community growth that promotes autonomy and self-discovery in Guatemala. A place managed by midwives that provides focused  attention on individual needs, as well as opportunities for education, support, therapy, etc. All with the aim of providing comprehensive and holistic care for women and their families.

The team is Viana Maza, Director and Midwife. Ariel Dreyer midwife apprentice. Lidia Castañeda administrative management, Rocío Serrano Comprehensive Health and Gynecologist and Obstetrician, as well as other professionals who are included in the team of Intuición Materna's Comprehensive Health.


As part of the acknowledgements, all donors campaign donors will be acknowledged as follows:

SEED AMBASSADOR: All of our ambassadors will receive a sorority bracelet.

*All rewards will be delivered the month after the campaign ends.*

CATERPILLAR DONOR: There is no such thing as a small donation. Thank you for your contribution. You will receive a digital certificate of appreciation in your email.

COCOON DONOR: Thank you so much! Each donor starting at US$50 will receive their certificate by email with a printable digital illustration of the commemorative mural that will be painted in our midwifery house.

BUTTERFLY DONOR: Thank you so much! Your donation is very valuable and will help us make this dream come true. Donations of USD$1,000 or more will be acknowledged with a digital certificate, a digital illustration and a commemorative plaque on our inauguration mural.

find out more about our campaign: HERE

You can write to us at: intuicionmaterna@gmail.com

Web page: www.intuicionmaterna.org

Instagram: www.instagram.com/intuicionmaterna/