Food parcels for 175 families in San Andres Itzapa

We would like to send 175 families a basic food parcel to help them survive COVID-19

This fundraiser is to collect funds to pay for 175 much needed basic food bags for a community of San Andres Itzapa.

Q 29,339

Of: GTQ 27,500 ( $ 3,757 ) Requested



Food parcels for 175 families in San Andres Itzapa

If you know me, you know how much this community means to me. AMUPAV is a group of powerful women and their children fighting against poverty, lack of education and discrimination to support their local environment and their children's futures. Normally, they would spend their days educating 200 children in a private, family-run school called Pàjaro de Fuego, planting trees, weaving on their looms, feeding families and supporting each other, as women, in this difficult world they have found themselves in. However, since COVID-19 began, this community, like many others, as been hit hard. The school has shut taking away the childrens' chance to a a full education (Oscar their director is still distance teaching), jobs have been lost and income slashed to a point where students and their families are starving and, in extreme cases, being hospitalised for malnutrition. I have already found a generous donor to gift 75 bags of food this month which was distributed to those most in need but, we would like to send a second bag to all 175 families next month. I have spoken directly to the commmunity and they have requested the following items: 3lbs of dry beans 3lbs of rice 3lbs of maseca (to make tortillas) 2lbs of oatmeal (to make a hot, nutritious drink called Atol 2lbs of Corazon de Trigo 2lbs of powder Incaparina (a Guatemala developed drink designed to provide all the nutrition needed to a child) Three cartons of milk 20 eggs Noodles With this money, if we recieved it all, we will guarantee all of these items for 175 families. This will also include the bags to devide the food into, the labour needed to fill the bags and the truck needed to deliver them to the community - this works out at Q150 per family. If we do not recieve the full amount needed, we will buy all the food we can and distribute equally between the 175 families. I have worked with this community for almost 15 years, they are my friends and have supported me through many difficult situations and I have done the same for them. This isn't the first time I have fundraised for them and I'm sure it won't be the last but I guarantee that every penny, cent or Quetzal I recieve from this fundraiser will go directly to supporting these families. Thank you.