#PaquetesDignos in Honor of Sebastian’s First Birthday

For Sebastian’s first birthday, we want to support families in Jocotenango, Guatemala

Let’s support families who have been economically affected by the COVID-19 pandemic by helping to fund emergency food supplies.

Q 2,200

Of: GTQ 3,000 ( $ 410 ) Requested



#PaquetesDignos in Honor of Sebastian’s First Birthday

Sebastián André turns one year old on June 24! Although it will be difficult not celebrating with friends due to the COVID-19 lockdown measures, it is much more difficult knowing that thousands of Guatemalan families have lost their jobs and, for many of them, tomorrow’s meals are not guaranteed. That is why, for this occasion, for everyone who wants to give Sebastian a gift, we would ask that, instead, you donate whatever possible to the #paquetesdignos cause (loosely translated as packages of dignity). #PaquetesDignos is an initiative of the Colectivo Batz, the arts, sports and community program that is part of Los Patojos, an organization that has been working in Jocotenango, Guatemala for more than 15 years to offer quality education and growth opportunities to children from low-income families. Sebastián André's mother had the opportunity to volunteer in Los Patojos during 2008-2009 and saw first-hand the work they do throughout the community to combat inequality through innovative methodologies. This campaign is to contribute NutriListo to the #paquetesdignos. NutriListo is a fortified food for boys and girls at risk of chronic malnutrition.