Let's help Jennifer Linares


I am Jennifer Linares, I am 35 years old, I have stage III cancer.

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Let's help Jennifer Linares

#FuckCancer. Shall I tell you how it started? No, I will omit this part, although it is understood that I want to eliminate a fundamental part of the story, but no. I think the true understanding of cancer is in how we deal with it, not how it started. I am Jennifer Linares, I am 35 years old, I have stage III cancer. We have been together with my husband for more than 12 years, who is the one who writes this story. Luis Fernando del Cid, 35, has been clean for 7 years from a rare and unique tumor. After surviving this tumor, we decided to have our little angel, a girl named Valentina, who is currently 6 years old. Last year in October we decided to get married, 4 months later we received the news that I have cancer. Hard news, right? News like that breaks you inside as if you were throwing a glass container from 12 stories high. No one is prepared to hear that, no matter how much we live with cancer around us. They will wonder who Jennifer Linares is. I can sum it up in 3 words: "She is our heroine", she is the main gear that makes our home work. We call ourselves the 3 stooges, Jennifer is the one who corrects us all, the one who puts an order, the one who plans everything carefully, the one who makes us work like a swiss watch. Then there is me Luisfer, the rebel, the one who destroys all Jennifer's plans, the madman who does not allow us to be a normal family and finally there is Valentina, who for those who do not know her, when we arrive at a new place we must justify before everyone that she is our daughter, it is difficult to believe that, but we have strong evidence. She is the piece that complements our lives, she is the reason why we understand that miracles exist. She is the one who gives meaning to our home and illuminates our lives. One of the hardest parts in this battle for Jennifer is getting up every day, seeing Valentina and smiling with her heart, hiding that fear, that frustration and the misunderstanding of why this is happening. Teaching Valentina not to give up in front of an illness that she can´t control herself is not easy, although Jennifer has always been characterized as a successful, intelligent and dedicated woman who has managed to overcome obstacles since she was little. She managed to succeed in a world that she did not imagine. She is an born leader, who through her life philosophy makes the people around her develop their best version. What we never imagined is that we were going to have to fight cancer in times of a global pandemic that stopped the country in the blink of an eye. Everything changed overnight; uncertainty, fear and despair took hold of us. The plan designed for treatment was delayed for weeks and we were not clear about what was going to happen. But thanks to the help of many people, we have managed to start on the path of treatment. Now I understand that every day I face cancer is a victory for me. One day I closed my eyes and said to myself; "I have to be strong, I can heal myself, learn from my surroundings, get the best out of this and balance my life, since there was no reason to think that I would not see my daughter, my grandchildren grow, that I would not be next to my husband and grow old together ”. Now I understand that my battle can be a light of hope for many other people who stopped having it. Why? Having cancer is a bitch, would you rather not have it? Of course I do. But now I understand that it is part of my destiny, that there are situations that we do not understand why they are in our paths, but I have something very clear: "Cancer is not a death sentence, it is a sentence of bravery, because after an experience like this, nothing scares you anymore.” "FuckCancer, We will win this battle"