Fundraising to buy 1,000 Bags of food #notequedessincomer

Help people in need during the COVID-19 crisis.

Raise funds to buy groceries and help families due to the crisis we are going through worldwide.

Q 3,785

Of: GTQ 100,000 ( $ 13,661 ) Requested



Fundraising to buy 1,000 Bags of food #notequedessincomer

We want to support 1000 families with a bag with groceries. The cost for each bag is Q100 or $14 approx. We would give them to each coordinator from the FB group No Te Quedes Sin Comer and they will deliver to the families in need. WHO ARE WE? We are a community of volunteers that promote giving and receiving help among Guatemalans during the COVID-19 crisis. MISSION: Be a connection between Guatemalans with physical and emotional needs and Guatemalans willing to help. VISION: Promote the empathy that has arisen in Guatemalan hearts during this health emergency and motivate it to be concreted in future personal activities, which help the development of Guatemalans.