Let`s Help Fátima

We are raising funds for hospital expenses of Fátima Boiton (5 years old), who had an emergency surgery due to a brain abscess.

Q 9,739

Of: GTQ 150,000 ( $ 20,492 ) Requested



Let`s Help Fátima

Hello everyone! My name is Marianella Morales and the girl from the picture is my goddaughter and niece Fátima Boiton Saenz. Fátima is 5 years old and loves to sing and dance. On July 27 2018, she had an emergency major head surgery, because of a brain abscess. She is recovering really well, however she has had to undergo a series of tests to find the cause of the abscess which is still unknown, and she is still in the hospital. Her parents don't have health insurance, so we are trying to get some funds so they can cover the medical bill that's been accumulating since that day. We have created the facebook page Ayudemos a Fatima to share news about Fatima's health status and other ways of helping. Thanks for giving us a hand.