Drinking Water System for the community of Niagara in Oratorio, Santa Rosa

Niagara Project, Oratorio, Santa Rosa

Help us to continue developing the community of Niagara through a Drinking Water System for its inhabitants!

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Of: GTQ 450,000 ( $ 61,475 ) Requested



Drinking Water System for the community of Niagara in Oratorio, Santa Rosa

Hello everyone and thank you for visiting this project in which we believe since we started in 2012.

The Niagara Community in Oratorio, Santa Rosa, is located 150 Kms from Guatemala City. The access is limited since only 4x4 vehicles manage to enter, in the 11 km of dirt road. During the last 6 years, we have been supporting 40 families, which are approximately 240 people, with daily food, to reduce malnutrition and improve the quality of life.

Thanks to the help of God and the people who believe in us, we were able to build a Church together with a Pastoral House, Medical Clinics, Nursing, Cellar and Dining Room, among others. These joint efforts have helped eradicate child malnutrition in the community.

Why help with the Drinking Water System?

These advances that have been achieved through joint efforts with individuals and institutions are at risk because the water they drink in their homes is contaminated, and the best way to help them continue to develop as a community is to build a drinking water project.

Why Q450,000 (USD 60,000)?

We have budgeted this amount for materials, workforce, transportation, and installation in homes. The water will be taken from the river’s birth, which is approximately 1 Km away from the community, to each home. All funds received will be used to build the Drinking Water System.

We have volunteers who helped us to carry out a topographical study, budget of the project, and help with labor to build the system.

How can you help us?

All help is welcome. You can donate from Q200 if you are in Guatemala, or from $ 50 if you are abroad. Donation receipt will be extended for each donation received. You can help us by sharing this project in your social networks, the more people know about the project, the more help will reach the people of the Niagara community.

If you want to help in any other way, please contact us on our Facebook Page

Thank you for your support to this project