Luna, The Unifier of Hearts

Let’s come together to support Luna in her story of persistence and strength.

With your support, Luna will have more opportunities to learn and develop abilities to help her grow and achieve greater independence.

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Luna, The Unifier of Hearts

Lunita is 4 years old and was born in Guatemala on June 2, 2014. Mom: Nancy Cantarero (Hondureña) Father: Luis Diaz (Guatemalan) Luna, called Lunita by family and friends, was born in Guatemala at the Esperanza Hospital. Both parents took good care of each other before and during the pregnancy that developed normally. When she was only 3 months old, a heart lesion was detected. Luna was diagnosed with a prolapse of the Mitral and Tricuspid Valve. This means that the blood is returned to the heart because a valve does not close well and the heart becomes enlarged over time. Adequate monitoring was performed with medical visits at 6 and 9 months of age. Unfortunately, due to situations beyond our control, as well as poor medical care (we lived outside of Guatemala City), her heart was so damaged that she had an abnormal enlarged aortic artery. When Lunita was almost a year old, she experienced respiratory shock that led to cardiogenic arrest. Lunita was in the intensive unit for 3 months struggling to live (she manifested an incredible strength that only God gave her). During that time, Luna had multiorgan failure, sepsis, recurrent transfusions, deficient liver, among many other conditions. She had a very high toxin levels in her blood that had to be controlled by means of continuous enemas to avoid intoxication. Because of her liver damage, her skin turned yellow. Seeing our child suffer in this way was unbearably painful. Lunita was suffering unbearably, and we put her health in God’s hands, and miraculously she began to improve and to fight to leave the respirator. After 2 months of being on the ventilator, Luna managed breathe by herself with CPAP support, and it was after all this great trauma that the second shock came: initial loss of oxygen. When Lunita experienced respiratory arrest, we assumed that several of her neurons died, and because of this new situation, she had a CPI brain injury. Now, a new story begins for our daughter, who is still with us Thanks to God, is a bright and happy little girl. We are fighting together with her so she can have a better quality of life and better health. Developing key skill with her condition are gigantic CHALLENGES. For you and me, putting our hands on our head are simple, but for her it takes significant amounts of effort. Luna is in need of continuous rehabilitation processes, including: 1. Daily therapies (physical, language, occupational) 2. Horse Therapies (Equine Therapy) 3. Craniosacral Therapies, which have not yet begun 4. Therapies with dolphins 5. Travel to USA / Mexico for REB therapies 6. Ergonomic chair. $ 5,000 7. Gastrostomy buttons + syringes + hoses for food 8. Monthly medications 9. Monthly medical visits 10. Support devices as she grows, such as corsets, splints, etc. It is worth mentioning that Luna already had two heart operations, one in Ecuador where we lived when this collapse first occurred (the doctors of the Gilberto Hospital fought with everything they had at their disposal so that Luna could get out of her crisis, we remember them with gratitude) and the another surgery was at UNICAR (which was a success and we are very grateful to the doctors of UNICAR and their medical quality). The first intervention, as it was 3 months in the hospital, had a cost of $ 100,000, and the second surgery cost around $ 30,000. In the second surgery in August, 2016 of Luna had her native valve changed, and she will depend on warfarin for the rest of her life to prevent blood clots. It is almost 90% sure that she will need surgery, to replace the heart valve as she grows. Why are we asking for your help? Because we see that she has the opportunity to achieve a better quality of life, because she was not born that way, and thanks to the help of therapies, we strive to help her develop so she can live in peace. She is a very intelligent and brave girl, and she is a wonderful patient. Everything the doctors ask of her she does because she wants to improve, I know, she wants and she feels the urge to move forward. She answers many questions (she manages to communicate), she is happy, and like everyone else, gets sad when she is sick. She is an example of life and struggle, she has changed the hearts of many by example (family, friends, doctors, acquaintances). Luna helps us to be better because we always complain about small things, when she shows us that there are more valuable things in life. She is brilliant, we, her parents are hard workers, we are always moving forward, we are not negative, we try to have a stable life and full of love for her. We have grown as people and we always try to help others, and I, Nancy Cantarero, as a mother and as a human being, I am sure that she deserves the opportunity of a better life, with devices and therapies that will allow her to improve little by little. Every day she makes the effort to work on her therapies, and things have happened that she cannot imagine and she has endured. God has given her difficulties as well as strength to overcome them. It is an example of life and attitude. For this reason, I ask for your support, to help us find a donation of an ergonomic chair for Luna, to continue with therapies outside the country, where new techniques are learned. Supporting her posture is URGENT so that it does not increase the scoliosis the she has, and if it is not with the chair, with the monetary support (for the therapies outside) or in what you deem appropriate. EVERYTHING helps, remember that this is a lifetime investment, but it is worth it because it is to support an innocent child to be as independent as possible. It is the best gift that we can give and we as parents and family fight with Luna giving more than 200% day to day. We do not stop, we do not get tired even if we are exhausted, we are always there, at his side, fighting with her . We do not know what will happen later in life with Luna, but it depends on what we do now what will mark her future quality of life. Luna is an example for many of us who sometimes complain about small things, and I include myself, and also so that we are motors of change. I know that Luna will be an example of life and a testimony of God's love. Thank you for the opportunity you give us to present the case of Lunita Díaz Cantarero We look forward to your support! Thanks from my heart. Sincerely, Nancy Cantarero Cel. (502) 5612-6130