A Bone Marrow for Josecarlos Reina

The transplant can save his life, but it is quite expensive

Josecarlos has cancer, despite the chemotherapy, the doctors determined he needs a bone marrow transplant to save his life.

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A Bone Marrow for Josecarlos Reina

My name is Josecarlos Reina and in August of 2016, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. It all began with chest discomfort and a lot of coughing. With these primary symptoms I started the path of struggle that I continue to face until today.


I started with a tumor in the right lung (in the middle lobe) and inflammation in the neck ganglia.  After a confirmatory biopsy, the diagnosis of my disease was fully determined.


I began the conventional treatment for this type of lymphomas, which is chemotherapy with AVBD scheme. After 6 cycles I entered in complete response for a very short period (not exceeding 2 months), and after that came more discomfort and pain in the chest.


Then the doctors found a mass in the mediastinum that had damaged the sternum and was close to my heart, so I quickly continued the treatments for early relapses with more chemotherapy but with a different scheme ... the ICE scheme from which I also received 6 cycles.


After the 6 cycles of treatment, the hematologists had doubts about whether or not I had entered a complete remission, so they told me that it was best to perform a more advanced exam (not the conventional CT Scan used to monitor the lymphoma). The analysis perform was a PET-CT exam that allows to observe more thoroughly the activity that the disease presents (if there is one), and its precise location.


Those psychical exams can only be performed in countries where research in Cancer medicine is more advanced, so after a due diligence, me and my family decided that the best option was Mexico due to its closeness to Guatemala, Cost of the procedures and Accessibility.


We then initiated a campaign in which we informed all our friends and family of my situation, illness and need of financial help. If you can make a donation, I thank you a lot. If you can´t donate, you can help me plenty by sharing this Cause !


I am currently in Mexico, where I receive a very expensive treatment and I am part of a clinical trial. My annual budget, including the transplant and the medication, is as follows:




Investment in Medicines (Chemotherapy, pre-medication, hospital expenses)

Q300,000  (About  $40,540.00 USD)



Q250,000 (About  $33,784.00 USD)


Preparation of various Extra Exams (PET -CT) SCAN X 4 PER YEAR

Q28,276 (About  $3,821.00 USD)


Housing expenses with basic services

Q24,000 (About  $3,243.00 USD)


Food expenses

Q18,000 (About  $2,432.00 USD)


Transportation expenses

Q3,000 (About  $405.00 USD)




Q623,276  (About  $84,226.00 USD)