Erick Quiroa Foundation

Make a wish! Join us to make every wish a reality.

Making wishes true for children with terminal cancer. We also offer them free lodging and food during their treatment.

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Erick Quiroa Foundation

Erick Quiroa, a teenager who at 16 years old lost the battle against cancer. When doctors said there was nothing more they could do, Erick´s parents decided to make his greatest wish come true, Erick wanted to watch Lionel Messi play at the emblematic Camp Nou (Barcelona).

In January 2015, Brenda de Quiroa (Erick`s mom) created the Erick Quiroa Foundation, Wings for a Dream, with the purpose to make true the wishes of boys and girls who fight against Cancer and see Erick´s smile in each and every one.


As a result of the Foundation, we began to realize the needs of the children´s families, and that is the reason we opened the Erick Quiroa´s Home, which provides FREE lodging, food and transport for children with Cancer and their caretaker, during the process of the Cancer treatment.


Make true the wishes of boys, girls, and adolescents with Cancer. To close a chapter in their lives and, trough a smile, make them forget for one day about their illness. We give parents, with economic disadvantages, the satisfaction to see the happiness of their children by making their dreams come true.


To make true the wishes of boys, girls, and adolescents with illnesses that put their life at risk. To have more Erick Quiroa´s Homes, with high standards of quality, in the City of Guatemala and in the Countryside.