Confidence & Security

Yes! You are welcome on our platform and you can send your cause to raise funds outside of Guatemala. Because we work with non-profit causes, you must go to a non-profit organization or a non-governmental organization in your country of residence so that they can contact us and give assurance that your campaign is real and transparent. The funds collected will be delivered outside Guatemala only to a non-profit organization or non-governmental organization duly authorized by electronic transfer.

Recaudemos complies with all laws of Guatemala, this means that in some cases in particular, Guatemalan sanctions will prohibit us from supporting a campaign for specific countries.

We work hard every day to make sure that is the safest platform to donate. Our top priority is a safe and transparent donation process. To achieve this, we employ state-of-the-art fraud prevention technologies and a team of dedicated specialists who work all day to protect you.

Phishing is an attempt to acquire personal information (such as username, password or financial information) by posing as a website or another person. Unfortunately, the Internet is sometimes host to this type of fraudulent behavior. phishing behavior includes contacting campaign organizers through their campaigns, posing as a legitimate donor, an organization or even as

Please take extra precautions when opening suspicious emails or links, especially urgent requests or promises of additional donations. Do not use the links in an email, an instant message or a chat to access any web page if you suspect that the message may be not authentic or that the sender is not reliable.

We will never contact our users through the contact form of the campaign to request contact, identification or other personal information.

If you ever suspect that someone is posing as a employee, please contact us to verify the authenticity of the message. is in constant evolution, which is why we update our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. We recommend that you read these updates in full, you will always receive a notice about any changes or updates.

We will not engage in personal disputes. Personal matters should be handled with the help of a lawyer or local police.

If you need to report a campaign that you consider fraudulent, report the cause from the inappropriate content option.

If you have received any suspicious correspondence regarding your Cause in, please do not respond; Instead, send it to . We also recommend that you reset the passwords of your payment accounts and each time you receive a suspicious email. If you need help with that process, let us know. We appreciate you being vigilant and helping us to keep a safe platform.

Due to the security policies of Recaudemos and our payment providers, all correspondence must take place by email. We need to be sure that we are keeping track of account details, requests and other details that could be lost in a telephone conversation. Do not worry, a real person will answer you by email every day. Also, you will never have to wait in line.

You should only report a cause of if you think the organizer of the case is committing fraud or breaking the law. Personal disputes between two parties will be ignored.